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Zulily Boosts Productivity with Seegrid VGVs

Seegrid customers, like leading e-commerce retailer Zulily, rely on self-driving vision guided vehicles (VGVs) to increase productivity, improve ergonomics, boost employee retention, and continuously innovate. In this video, Dwarakesh Jayaram, the Senior Industrial Engineer, and Dean Bates, the Fulfillment Automation Controls Manager at Zulily, explain why their company selected Seegrid over traditional automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Customer Testimonial Video: Zulily

Zulily Testimonial


Move Material Faster and More Efficiently with AGVs

Consumers are shopping online now more than ever, requiring warehouse facilities and distribution centers to rethink their supply chains. Not only are e-commerce order volumes continuing to increase, but so are consumer expectations. What used to be offered as perks from online stores, such as free shipping, are now the expectation. With online shoppers constantly searching for where they can receive goods and services faster and for less, the e-commerce space has become extremely competitive.

Many companies are turning to automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to help meet these demands, boost productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge. Accuracy, efficiency, and performance are all factors to address in choosing the right AGV vendor.

“The main challenge I was trying to solve was to remove the inherent operator from these daily product ferrying routines, and put them into an actual useful operation which in turn gives us productivity,” said Zulily Senior Industry Engineer Dwarakesh Jayaram. “When we looked at Seegrid, we thought this would be a great innovative solution for us, because this is not an age-old practice where we use tape or magnetic wire to drive a machine.” Through the use of Seegrid vision-guided AGVs, Zulily was able to increase productivity, reutilize employees to more meaningful positions, and leave repetitive hauling jobs to the robots.

Infrastructure-free AGVs for Maximum Flexibility

Seegrid’s vision-guided AGVs provide maximum flexibility with an infrastructure-free design. As the leading provider in the rapidly growing infrastructure-free AGV market, Seegrid's automation solutions can increase throughput, improve safety, fill labor shortages, and help improve overall material flow at customer sites.

Zulily needed an automation solution that was flexible, allowing them to quickly and easily adjust to their changing needs day-to-day and over time. By utilizing Seegrid’s infrastructure-free vehicles, Zulily was able to avoid destruction to their facility and costly downtime. The AGVs can easily be trained by an employee on site, changing routes in the facility in minutes without shutting down production or impacting the workflow. The ability to be flexible in dynamic environments, reduce labor costs, and improve safety facilitate a fast ROI with immediate results.

Driving Efficiency with Visibility and Ease of Control

Through the use of Seegrid Supervisor fleet management software, Zulily is able to monitor, control, and continuously improve their VGV fleet. Zulily can track the status and movement of the AGVs and materials throughout the entire facility for a fully connected experience.

Seegrid Supervisor enables operators by providing them with the information they need. In addition to providing enhanced visibility, the platform can also be configured to send emails and text alerts, helping operators stay informed with key information and proactively anticipate deliveries. Seegrid Supervisor easily integrates with enterprise or custom systems as well as existing infrastructure for a seamless experience.

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