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AMRs Strut Their Stuff During Pandemic, Beyond

December 9, 2020  |  Pittsburgh, PA

The pandemic caused many disruptions and changes for manufacturers and supply chains worldwide. In this article, SME Media reports on the importance of supply chain flexibility and the impacts of effective automation solutions.

Learn about the evolution of AGVs and AMRs, as well as the different autonomous material handling technologies available today, including Seegrid’s 3D vision navigation technology.

“We quite uniquely in the market use cameras for our navigation, and we have found that to be the most reliable navigation in the AMR space,” said Jeff Christensen, Seegrid’s VP of product.

The 10 cameras on Seegrid’s two vision guided vehicle (VGV) models—a tugger and a pallet truck—work in five stereoscopic pairs and capture hemispheric vision data. The VGV’s software then figures out what’s important in the environment.

This great amount of data makes route changes possible while production continues to run, “and nobody else can do that,” Christensen asserted.

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