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New autonomous mobile robot from Seegrid

Seegrid Unveils Autonomous Lift Truck for Material Handling

February 16, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Self-driving vehicle provider Seegrid is driving ahead with its plans for autonomous lift trucks, announcing today an addition to its fleet of mobile robotics for material handling that can free up manual lift operators.

Pittsburgh-based Seegrid said its Palion Lift AMR is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that introduces new automated workflows for manufacturing, e-commerce, and logistics companies.

In response to customer requests to add lifting capabilities to the firm’s line of horizontal products, the platform automates the movement of palletized goods, navigating in dynamic environments alongside human coworkers by using cameras, algorithms, and machine learning. The Palion Lift model is designed for low-lift, pallet handling processes, hauling payloads from one point to another and placing them at heights of up to six feet with little or no changes to customers’ facilities.

The launch follows Seegrid’s release last week of an upgrade to its autonomous pallet truck, saying that Palion Pallet Truck Series 8 includes lane staging capabilities so it can autonomously identify, build, and deplete lanes for precise, pick-up and drop-off of palletized goods.

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