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Seegrid _CEO_Cheddar_Interview

Factory Robot-Maker Seegrid Raises $52 Million

September 22, 2020  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Cheddar, a live streaming business and financial news network founded by Jon Steinberg, hosts Seegrid CEO Jim Rock on their news show called “Shakers,” which highlights VCs and start-up figures. Cheddar, a business news network covering the most innovative executives, founders, products, and technologies transforming our lives and economy, is the leading post-cable news, media, and entertainment company. The network broadcasts from the trading floor of the New York Stock exchange and is watched live by more than 6.5M people each month.

In this interview, Jim Rock discusses Seegrid’s most recent funding round of $52 million in growth equity financing. This brings the company’s total funding to date to more than $150 million. Seegrid intends to use the capital to increase the size of its workforce to deliver best-in-class automation solutions for its customers. The investment also will accelerate new product development and new product introductions.

Seegrid leads the automated guided vehicle (AGV) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) industry by pairing the most robust, flexible, and reliable technology with unmatched service and support. The company’s proprietary navigation technology uses cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to navigate in dynamic environments. Technological innovation coupled with its leading safety record is fundamental to reaching more than 3 million miles at customer sites without a single personnel safety incident.

During the interview, Rock discusses how automation solutions are helping manufacturing plants, warehouses, and logistics facilities continue production while accelerating efficiencies during this rapidly changing climate. The COVID-19 pandemic is driving many companies to quickly adopt and implement automation solutions to combat rising challenges, including labor shortages, social distancing requirements, and extreme shifts in demand. Rock reports that Seegrid is seeing an increase in customer demand for automation solutions.

Many of the world’s largest brands in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics trust Seegrid’s vision guided vehicles (VGVs), fleet management software, and industry-leading services teams to drive them forward, not only assisting with their manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce fulfillment needs, but making facilities safer and more productive. The company’s innovative products help manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics facilities achieve Industry 4.0 and material handling automation initiatives.

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