Podcast: Making Autonomous Robots Work with Seegrid's Jeff Christensen

April 14, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Seegrid's VP of Product Jeff Christensen joined host Jim Baretta on The Robot Industry Podcast to discuss key topics around autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). 

The key focus of this podcast: autonomous robots that navigate automatically. Mobile robots are very popular today and make more productive, safer jobs. AMRs move material in the supply chain industry autonomously: think large warehouses and monotonous tasks of moving skids of boxes, parts, and even mail.

The economic pressures are huge for AMRs. Shorter delivery times, price pressure, labor shortages, growing SKUs, and business at the speed of Amazon.

In this episode, Jeff and Jim talk about:

  • The return on investment for autonomous mobile robotics and the decision making that leads to using the technology
  • How large a company or facility you need to get economic payback from deploying mobile robots
  • How to start small and grow to deploy hundreds of robots across multiple facilities
  • The transition from manual processes to automated processes
  • How to get started, scale, and prove the technology is successful
  • The importance of data, proof, and the AI that solves complex problems

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