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Seegrid Introduces New Autonomous Lift Truck

Seegrid Introduces New Autonomous Lift Truck

February 16, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Following the news last week of the launch of the new Seegrid Palion product line, Seegrid announces another new addition with the launch of the Palion Lift AMR. The new vehicle is designed to autonomously acquire and move loads of up to 1,588 kg (3,500 lbs) while transferring them to heights up to 182.9 cm (6 ft).

"We’re proud to continue to both expand and strengthen our AMR portfolio and help our customers take their fleet to the next level with our new Palion Lift AMR,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s Chief Executive Officer. “Adding lift to our strong line of horizontal products is a capability most requested by our customers. The expansion of our industry-leading Palion AMR fleet introduces new automated workflows for manufacturing, e-commerce, and logistics companies that need proven, end-to-end automation solutions. We’re committed to continue transforming the supply chain by delivering intelligent, enterprise-grade mobile robot and software solutions.”

The Palion Lift AMR can identify the position of a pallet anywhere in the envelope up to its maximum reach height of 182.9 cm (6 ft). The AMR can then plan its approach and acquire the pallet autonomously. This can be done without any modifications to your facility or the addition of any pallet staging structure. The Palion Lift AMR offers a safer, more cost effective method for pallet movement by freeing up the manual lift operator, providing full source-to-destination task automation for low-lift pallet handling processes.

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