Autonomous mobile robot provider, Seegrid, announces 'Blue Labs' R&D group

Seegrid Announces New ‘Blue Labs’ Research and Development Group

May 26, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Seegrid Corporation announces a new research and development group called Blue Labs. The new group consists of in-house experts who will build upon Seegrid’s proprietary artificial intelligence technologies, with the goal of accelerating Seegrid’s expanding footprint throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sectors it serves.

This announcement comes on the heels of recent product announcements that include a new lineup of Palion AMRs. Seegrid has also invested in software development for its cloud-based data analytics platform. On their website, Seegrid has more than a dozen openings for engineering related positions, proof that they are serious about the future technology roadmap. The Blue Labs team is composed of world-class automation experts, many with Ph.D. level expertise in robotics and computer vision systems.

"Seegrid is more than a technology company—we are an automation partner for our customers,” said Graves. “Blue Labs is about ingenuity with an entrepreneurial approach, ensuring continued strategic exploration and visionary discovery, leading the company and our customers into the future of intelligent mobile automation."

Seegrid, along with the rest of the AMR market, is seeing rapid growth and demand, especially over the last year as e-commerce experienced an increase in consumption. Autonomous mobile robots offer solutions that fill labor shortages, increase throughput, and help improve overall material flow. Seegrid helps businesses in the supply chain network remain agile while ensuring flow of goods is both steady and safe: the collective fleet has driven more than 5 million miles at customer sites without a single personnel safety incident.


It is notable that Seegrid is making a big deal about the creation of a separate “Labs” engineering group. This announcement is sort of along the lines of a “Bell Labs”, where innovation is encouraged and team members will be expected to “fail fast and pivot quickly”. Research of this type is a luxury, it’s not something that a company invests in if they are living hand to mouth. Thus, this investment points to the fact that Seegrid is likely doing well with their long term investment and revenue plan and seeks to achieve a “step-wise” innovation to help move forward as a market leader.

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