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Seegrid COVID-19 Policies to Protect Employees, Customers, and Community

March 19, 2020  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Company remains fully operational to support supply chain while following CDC recommendations and federal guidelines

Seegrid, the leader in self-driving industrial vehicles for material handling, announced they are taking steps to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) while remaining fully operational to service and support their customers, who in turn, are helping the public at large.

“To help ensure our manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics customers can continue to provide essential products and services to support our communities, we are quickly implementing new approaches and policies company-wide to adjust to the evolving circumstances,” said Tim Spang, Seegrid senior vice president of operations. “With safety constantly at the forefront, Seegrid is closely following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended precautions and federal guidelines surrounding COVID-19. We will also keep agile, as mitigation efforts unfold, in order to effectively comply with our customers' most current policies.”

To operate as smoothly and safely as possible, and to protect employees, customers, and partners, the majority of Seegrid team members are working virtually, with a smaller subset of employees performing in-person job duties under group gathering restrictions. Every Seegrid employee is receiving regular, streamlined communications on COVID-19 regulations and health guidelines, with special paid leave policies in place. In addition, Seegrid employee travel is reserved to serve the essential business needs of their customers, traveling only as necessary to assure safety and the attainment of customer critical business objectives.

“Our company’s track record of growth is due to our proficient, dedicated teams, led by highly experienced pathfinders of future and emerging technologies,” said Seegrid chief executive officer Jim Rock. “Seegrid is well positioned to remain committed to our customers’ success, and we are confident that the challenges we are all facing today will produce new approaches and create opportunities for even more innovations in automation and robotics."

For more information about Seegrid’s products and services, visit www.seegrid.com.

About Seegrid

Seegrid combines autonomous mobile robots, enterprise software, and best-in-class services for a complete, connected material handling automation solution. With millions of autonomous production miles driven, Seegrid PalionTM AMRs are reliable, flexible, and proven. The world’s largest manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies rely on Seegrid to automate material flow in highly complex environments. From project design through deployment, change management, user training, and data-driven consultation, material flow is both safe and optimized, accelerating automation initiatives today and into the future.

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