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Seegrid Expands Supervisor API to Provide Interoperability Across Automation Systems

April 3, 2017  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Seegrid, the leading provider of flexible automated materials handling solutions, announces the expansion of Supervisor application programming interface (API) to offer more advanced, connected solutions for customers. Seegrid delivers on the promise of automation beyond materials movement, providing real-time interoperability to improve facility operations. Interconnectedness is critical for automation systems, and Supervisor’s API addresses that growing demand. The API connects the Seegrid platform to upper-level production management systems, removing points of interaction for the customer, directing material flow, and managing overall operations.

Building upon Seegrid Supervisor, the fleet management system that empowers customers to manage, monitor, and control their vision guided vehicles (VGVs), the API ensures that enterprises operate at peak performance. Supervisor interprets operational instructions and executes material handling actions to completion, enabling full integration with dispatching systems (WMS/MES) and providing seamless day-to-day management. API integration also streamlines communication with network PLC devices to dynamically reroute VGVs, react to facility emergency systems, remotely call from any work cell, or dispatch to a different location to support changing material demand.

“Vehicle management alone isn’t enough,” said Jeff Christensen, vice president of products with Seegrid. “The true value of the Industry 4.0 movement is automation management. The interoperability of VGVs with factory and warehouse systems allows customers to streamline their material flow, reducing unnecessary waste, and improving operational performance across the floor.”

Seegrid recognizes that interoperability is not just about connecting machines; it is about connecting operations to automation as a method of supporting better decision making through continuous process improvement.

Seegrid will be attending ProMat 2017 in Chicago and will have experts on site to discuss the company’s approach to interconnected automation systems.


Seegrid is the leading provider of connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling with more than a million miles driven. The Seegrid Smart Platform combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management software for a complete connected solution. Seegrid accelerates Industry 4.0 and lean initiatives with incremental automation, helping companies achieve a truly connected enterprise and transform into smart factories of the future.

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