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Seegrid Fleet Geek Analytics Software

Seegrid Introduces Fleet Geek Data Analytics Software to Complement its Autonomous Mobile Robots

March 2, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

New cloud-based addition, Fleet Geek, optimizes autonomous mobile robot performance, drives continuous improvement, and demonstrates impact of automation across the enterprise

Seegrid Corporation, the leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling, today introduced Fleet Geek, a cloud-based analytics solution that provides a holistic, data-driven view of material flow, providing Seegrid's customer base -- prominent global brands in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics -- with comprehensive, actionable insights into Seegrid Palion AMR performance across their entire network of facilities. Fleet Geek tracks and illustrates material flow trends, empowering users with critical insights to optimize workflows, increase utilization, quantify the value of automation, and scale automation initiatives across the enterprise. 

The announcement follows the company’s recent unveiling of two new autonomous mobile robots: the company’s first autonomous lift truck, Palion Lift, and the newly enhanced Palion Pallet Truck. Fleet Geek joins Supervisor, the company’s fleet management software, as part of Seegrid’s Fleet Central enterprise software platform. 

“Seegrid is not only a robotics company, but also a data analytics company,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s Chief Executive Officer. “Data-driven businesses are best positioned to keep up with fluctuating demands. Fleet Geek provides our customers with intuitive data visualizations and on-demand reporting to make well informed decisions about their unique workflows to scale their success. We’re committed to continue providing solutions that help our customers maximize the value of automated material flow.”

Seegrid Palion AMRs work in unison among human coworkers, autonomously and safely moving billions of pounds of material each month in highly complex environments. Fleet Geek increases visibility by showing live project status views of each Seegrid Palion AMR across the company’s entire network of facilities. Dashboard views help companies ensure their entire Palion AMR fleet is running effectively across all facilities, shifts, and business applications -- meeting key performance indicators while delivering information to quantify the success of the automation investment. 

“Industry leaders across the supply chain are not asking ‘if’ or ‘when’ to automate material flow -- but rather, how to ensure their automation investments are delivering maximum impact, and how to replicate that success across the enterprise,” said Jeff Christensen, Seegrid’s Vice President of Product. 

Seegrid remains steadfast in their focus on delivering connected, end-to-end solutions that transform the world’s supply chain by combining industry-leading AMRs, enterprise software solutions, and best-in-class support services. The addition of Fleet Geek analytics software further accelerates automation initiatives in making facilities safer, more productive, and efficient. To learn more about Fleet Geek analytics software, visit seegrid.com/fleetgeek




In this "5 Questions Answered" segment, Heather Ramsey, Seegrid's Director of Customer Success, takes a deeper dive into Fleet Geek and actionable analytics.

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Seegrid, a leader in autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions for material handling solutions, combines AMR technology, enterprise software, and best-in-class services for complete, connected automated workflows. With over 13 million autonomous production miles driven to date, Seegrid Palion™ AMRs are reliable, flexible, and proven. The world’s largest manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies rely on Seegrid. We are partnered with over 50 global brands where 2,000+ AMRs are deployed within 200+ customer sites. From our dependable Palion Tow to our industry-leading Lifts, let’s embrace the future of autonomous material handling with Palion AMRs.

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