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Seegrid Lift Truck AMR is the Market's Most Advanced Automated Forklift

Seegrid Lift Truck AMR is the Market's Most Advanced Automated Forklift

November 30, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Autonomous Mobile Robotics Provider Creates Next Generation Autonomy Platform with Humanlike 3D Perception

Seegrid Corporation, the leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling, today announced new details surrounding the technology that powers Seegrid Palion™ Lift AMR, the company’s first autonomous lift truck. Palion Lift is equipped with the most advanced generation of Seegrid IQ, the company’s autonomy technology, and is the only lift truck AMR in the market with industry-leading 3D perception.

Seegrid’s acquisition of Box Robotics is a driver of the company’s acceleration of next-generation Seegrid IQ technology, delivering enhanced perception and productivity to Seegrid’s AMR fleet. The company was also recently named #1 for all mobile robots in the United States in the 2021 Mobile Robot report by Interact Analysis, an international market research authority for the supply chain automation industry.

“Seegrid and its AMRs are undergoing massive growth and eclipsing alternative material handling solutions to increase productivity and safety as logistics, ecommerce, and manufacturing facilities demand flexibility, reliability, and scalability,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s Chief Executive Officer. “Palion Lift AMRs provide next level, 360° safety to flawlessly execute vertical movements and reliably self-navigate in busy, ever-changing industrial environments.”

Seegrid Palion AMRs benefit from decades of innovation. The latest generation of Palion AMR autonomy, Seegrid IQ, fuses data from cameras, LiDAR, and machine learning models with the company’s proprietary 3D computer vision system to provide safe and reliable material handling. 

“Seegrid IQ, the company’s proprietary autonomy technology, brings together our breakthrough 3D vision-based navigation technology pioneered by Dr. Hans Moravec with our best-in-class 3D situational awareness capabilities,” said Todd Graves, Chief Technology Officer. “Seegrid AMRs have the intelligence to perceive, plan, and control their movement, enabling them to reliably and safely perform in highly dynamic, complex, and fast moving industrial settings.”

Seegrid has long been a technology innovator since its founding in 2003 by world-renowned roboticist Hans Moravec, the company’s Chief Scientist. Seegrid Blue Labs, its dedicated in-house research and development group, specializes in advanced technology for the company’s future product innovations. Palion Lift is Seegrid’s latest innovation, safely automating the movement of palletized goods in workflows that involve transporting payloads up to 3,500 pounds throughout customer operations, retrieving and securely placing them at heights of up to six feet for a complete, end-to-end solution. 

“Our logistics, ecommerce, and manufacturing customers need proven, scalable automation solutions to retain their competitive advantage in an era of relentless consumer demand,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s Chief Executive Officer. “Palion Lift is just the tip of the iceberg as to what Seegrid IQ will deliver to the materials handling industry.”

About Seegrid

Seegrid, a leader in autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions for material handling solutions, combines AMR technology, enterprise software, and best-in-class services for complete, connected automated workflows. With over 13 million autonomous production miles driven to date, Seegrid Palion™ AMRs are reliable, flexible, and proven. The world’s largest manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies rely on Seegrid. We are partnered with over 50 global brands where 2,000+ AMRs are deployed within 200+ customer sites. From our dependable Palion Tow to our industry-leading Lifts, let’s embrace the future of autonomous material handling with Palion AMRs.

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