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Seegrid Accomplishes 3 Million Autonomous Miles Driven While Supporting Essential Businesses Through COVID-19 Challenges

May 6, 2020  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Self-Driving Industrial Vehicle Provider Remains Focused on Helping Customers Maintain Efficient Supply Chain Operations

Seegrid, the leader in self-driving industrial vehicles for material handling, today announced that its vision guided vehicles (VGVs) reached three million autonomous production miles at customer sites. As the industry pioneer, Seegrid’s VGVs log more autonomous miles at customer sites than any other infrastructure-free automated guided vehicle (AGV) company in the world. This achievement comes only 36 weeks after reaching two million miles driven -- an average of nearly 4,000 miles daily -- a testament to the company’s commitment to self-driving safety while remaining steadfast in providing solutions to support their customers amid COVID-19 challenges.

“We are extremely proud to be at the forefront of the infrastructure-free AGV industry, delivering one of the safest and most proven solutions to a market that is constantly evolving and becoming more complex, especially during these unprecedented times,” said Seegrid CEO Jim Rock. “Our teams remain focused on -- and dedicated to -- helping our manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics customers, many of which are providing essential products and services to support our communities.”

Seegrid Vision, the company’s proprietary, unique navigation technology, is fundamental to Seegrid’s ability to reliably navigate the most dynamic industrial environments. Using stereo cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning, the patented technology enables the VGVs to see and process more information about the environment than laser-based navigation systems. This detailed, expansive field of view, combined with robust safety systems, enables VGVs to navigate seamlessly and safely alongside humans in high-traffic environments. Seegrid VGVs reliably follow the intended route, maintain the right speed limits, avoid collisions, behave predictably and consistently, and never behave erratically. Because there is no greater concern than the safety, health, and lives of workers, Seegrid self-driving vehicles are designed with fail-safe features that meet all industry regulatory requirements. Seegrid’s technology is utilized by several global leaders in manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce fulfillment. 

More and more organizations worldwide are integrating AGVs and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to work alongside employees within facilities. Between the tens of thousands of manually-driven forklift injuries occurring each year, customer demands continuing to climb and shift, and emerging pressures due to COVID-19 impacts, automation is now a necessity throughout the supply chain network. By implementing Seegrid’s automation solutions, safety is increased, throughput and efficiency are improved, and disruptions in material flow are mitigated.

“Our manufacturing and distribution center customers need efficient material flow, now more than ever.  We are honored that our technology is playing a role in their efforts and supporting the continuity of their operations,” said Rock. “Helping our customers remain resilient and flexible -- and enabling them to safely move material -- is a responsibility we take very seriously.”

To learn more about Seegrid’s industry-leading, self-driving material handling solutions and software, visit www.seegrid.com.

About Seegrid

Seegrid combines autonomous mobile robots, enterprise software, and best-in-class services for a complete, connected material handling automation solution. With millions of autonomous production miles driven, Seegrid PalionTM AMRs are reliable, flexible, and proven. The world’s largest manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies rely on Seegrid to automate material flow in highly complex environments. From project design through deployment, change management, user training, and data-driven consultation, material flow is both safe and optimized, accelerating automation initiatives today and into the future.

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