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The Mobile Robot Guide Podcast Featuring Jeff Christensen

December 22, 2020  |  Pittsburgh, PA

The Mobile Robot Podcast is a weekly interview-style show that profiles successful thought leaders in the autonomous mobile robotics industry. In this episode, Mike Oitzman, the founder and managing editor of The Mobile Robot Guide and the host of the podcast, talks with Jeff Christensen, Seegrid’s vice president of product, to talk about what’s ahead for the industry.

Jeff provides insights on Seegrid’s latest developments, where material handling is heading, and the technology that will make manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce facilities safer and more productive in the future.

During this episode, Mike and Jeff also talk about the many challenges that supply chains are currently facing as a result of the pandemic.

Jeff explains, “The supply chain is under enormous pressure at exactly the time when there’s social distancing and fewer people that can be together in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. It’s a confluence of these demand factors that I think are going to accelerate demand for mobile automation.”

AMRs and automation technology are playing a key role in supply chains becoming stronger and more competitive, despite the evolving demands. As a market leader, Seegrid’s proven technology and leading services are helping global brands become safer, more productive, and cost-efficient.

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