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The New Warehouse Podcast featuring Seegrid's Jeff Christensen

The New Warehouse Podcast Featuring Seegrid

June 21, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

On this episode of The New Warehouse, Kevin Lawton talks with Seegrid's VP of product, Jeff Christensen, to discuss Seegrid's product showcase, Fleet Geek analytics software, and Jeff's view on the future of the material handling industry.

Seegrid offers a wide range of AMR solutions to fit your needs through their Palion AMR fleet. The latest offering from the line is the Palion Lift which gives their AMR the ability to go vertical allowing for a whole new range of flexibility. Host Kevin discusses with Jeff how flexibility is incredibly important in warehousing operations especially when it comes to implementing new technology. The Palion Lift comes with the ability to go up to 6 feet which gives it great versatility in allowing you to stack pallets, pick up and drop off on conveyors and also to pick up off lift tables. 

In this episode, you will learn about Seegrid’s analytics software called Fleet Geek, which provides a way for all the data that is occurring in your operation to be collected and then used effectively. Jeff discusses how their real motivation is to create better material flow and to manage that in a better way so that the operation is fully orchestrated, and the AMR’s are involved in that flow and operating in the smartest way possible. It also allows you to easily identify areas where you are not being very efficient which helps you to quickly correct these and do continuous improvement actions.

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