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Robotics Tomorrow - Automation and AMRs to meet permanent peak demand

Warehouses Turn to Automation to Meet Permanent Peak Demand

January 14, 2021  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Supply chains are relying on automation to effectively adapt to fluctuating demand levels, new safety protocols, and shrinking labor pools. The need to operate efficiently, safely, and productively with less people is critical for today and also for success in the future. 

In this article, Robotics Tomorrow and Jim Rock, industry thought leader and Seegrid CEO, discuss some of the biggest challenges retail warehouses are facing, the crucial role automation plays in keeping production running, and the future of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics facilities. 

"Before COVID-19, many of our customers would experience peak demand levels around the holidays; now companies are experiencing peak demand levels daily since March with no signs of slowing down. With this in mind, businesses must turn to material handling automation to alleviate the pressure of the always-on peak demand season. Automation increases throughput productivity, improves employee and facility safety, reduces labor and operational costs, and drives continuous efficiencies,” Rock explains.

To learn more about the most impactful material handling technologies and approaches, continue reading the Q&A.

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