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Video: Seegrid Palion AMR Demonstration

What you’ll learn about in this video:

  • Key workflow applications for Seegrid Palion AMRs: Watch the Palion Lift, Palion Pallet Truck, and Palion Tow Tractor perform key tasks, reliably transporting materials to precise locations for hands-free flexibility
  • Seegrid’s holistic approach to automation: Combining AMRs, enterprise software, and industry-leading services, Seegrid safely automates material handling processes from inbound to outbound workflows
  • Why the world’s leading brands rely on Seegrid: Palion AMRs have driven millions of autonomous production miles in customer facilities without a single personnel safety incident

In this product demonstration video, you can watch Seegrid’s industry-leading fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in action, including the Palion Lift, Palion Pallet Truck, and Palion Tow Tractor. Additionally, you can learn how to take your AMR fleet to the next level with Seegrid’s enterprise software solutions and dedicated services.

Seegrid Palion AMRs, enterprise software, and industry-leading services teams are designed to help you achieve your material handling automation initiatives, making your facilities safer and more productive. 

Discover how you can safely optimize your entire enterprise of facilities with a connected, end-to-end automation solution that drives results.