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Brochure: Seegrid Corporate Overview

Discover Why Leading Brands Rely on Seegrid’s Turnkey Automation Solutions to Tackle the Most Challenging Environments

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In this brochure, explore:

  • Seegrid’s extensive experience in helping businesses transform into smart factories of the future with expert-level support
  • How Palion AMRs seamlessly integrate into material handling facilities without disrupting production
  • Our enterprise software platform and how it can help you ensure material flow is fully optimized

Seegrid combines autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), enterprise software, and best-in-class services for a complete, connected material handling automation solution that delivers profitability for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics customers around the world.

Seegrid is the leading provider of AMRs for material handling with millions of production miles driven in customer sites. Seegrid’s proprietary navigation technology is both proven and perfected, using cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to safely and reliably navigate in dynamic environments alongside human coworkers. Seegrid is passionate about delivering superior automation solutions that revolutionize the world’s supply chain—autonomously moving material as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible.