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Infographic: LiDAR and Vision Navigation Technology

Not All Autonomous Mobile Robots Navigate the Same Way

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In this infographic, explore:

  • Different types of AMR and AGV navigation technologies in the market today
  • How navigation technologies affect reliability and flexibility for automation solutions
  • Which AMR technology is best suited for dynamic, ever-changing environments

With so many material handling automation options available — autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) being no exception — the decision-making process can seem intimidating. 

Before investing in an automation solution, it is important to understand your options and the impact the navigation technology can make. Seegrid Palion AMRs are vision guided and see the world just like humans do. Fusing our unique computer vision system with real-time sensor data, our proprietary algorithms create a fully autonomous robotic fleet with an unmatched ability to see, understand, and learn.

Explore the different AMR navigation technologies and ensure you are selecting the most reliable solution that can safely navigate dynamic, ever-changing environments and adapt over time.