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Infographic: Top AMR Applications For Automotive OEMs

Increase Productivity and Safety with AMRs

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In this infographic, discover:

  • How Palion AMRs can streamline your facility’s workflows to boost productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase safety
  • Which processes in your facility can be optimized with AMR technology, ranging from inbound, inter-facility, and outbound AMR applications
  • Seegrid’s strategic approach to automation planning and how it impacts your bottom line, productivity goals, and operating costs

Seegrid Palion autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are designed to efficiently, safely, and confidently navigate in challenging, ever-changing environments to help facilities achieve material handling goals and continue improving. Seegrid delivers best-in-class support, from project design through to deployment and training, to ensure your Palion AMR fleet is delivering a strong ROI.

Our expert team has extensive experience designing AMR applications for the top OEMs within the automotive industry. Applying industrial, manufacturing, and engineering backgrounds—and extensive, real-world experience from working with some of the world’s largest brands—this extremely knowledgeable team collaborates with you to create the most effective solution for your needs.Their focus is on reducing operating costs, increasing safety, and boosting productivity to provide companies the ability to adapt to changes and challenges over time. 

Take a closer look into the material flow for automotive OEMs as well as some of the best fit applications for Palion AMRs.