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Customer Testimonial Video: Giant Eagle

Leading Grocery Chain Relies on Seegrid to Reduce Wasted Travel Time

In this video, discover:

  • How Giant Eagle removed costs from their operation to gain a competitive advantage within their industry
  • The differences between material handling automation solutions, including AMRs and more traditional AGVs
  • The key ways AMRs can help companies become more agile by removing costs, increasing flexibility, and boosting productivity

Wasted travel time is often the number one enemy for material handling facilities. By offsetting operational costs with automation technology, companies can gain a competitive advantage with their customers by passing along savings at the shelves. Customers like Giant Eagle, a major supermarket chain in the United States, rely on Seegrid Palion autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Operational flexibility was a key differentiator for the supermarket chain. The company needed a solution that allowed them to easily make changes to mobile robot routes based on their business demands. Joe Hurley, Giant Eagle’s Sr. VP of Supply Chain, explains why Giant Eagle chose Palion AMRs over other automated guided vehicle (AGV) technologies.

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