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eBook: Planning for Peak Demand

A Step-by-Step Timeline to Tackle Fluctuating Order Demand with Flexible and Scalable Automation

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Explore the critical milestones to ensure you are ready for the next peak period.

With order volumes and customer expectations on the rise, driving operational costs down becomes a greater challenge. Peak season magnifies supply chain complexities as demand — and expectations — soar.

For many e-commerce distribution and logistics centers, there’s no longer a predictable peak period, with many companies continuing to experience peak-level order volumes on an ongoing, daily basis. This extreme surge in demand is paired with heightened customer expectations for fast, error-free delivery, further amplifying supply chain complexities. Despite these challenges, companies are expected to continue to achieve key metrics, drive down costs, and increase throughput within their facilities to safely deliver products on time, every time.

Managing peak periods as it has historically been done is proving increasingly difficult. With Industry 4.0 technologies in place, you can better meet today’s (and tomorrow’s) operational needs. This step-by-step timeline is designed to help you prepare for peak season, no matter when it occurs, with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).