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Product Brochure: Raymond Courier

Learn More about Raymond Courier AGVs Featuring Seegrid Technology

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In this brochure, learn:

  • About the Raymond Corporation and their reputation for top-notch quality, reliability, and exceptional service
  • How to optimize your allocation resources with a series of Raymond Courier trucks that offer a range of automated capabilities
  • More about Raymond’s support and services that are aimed to help you drive down costs and improve efficiencies

In partnership with the Raymond Corporation, Seegrid Vision technology transforms the Raymond Courier into a self-driving automated guided vehicle (AGV). With proven technology in control of the vehicle at all times, the robot will reliably follow the intended route, maintain the right speed limits, avoid collisions, and behave predictably. 

The Courier increases throughput productivity, improves safety, and reduces labor costs for customers. Unlike traditional AGV technology, Seegrid self-driving robots are built for flexibility. Our solution provides the power to retrain routes in-house without Seegrid engineers and deploy your mobile robots in minutes to different functions or shifts.