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Brochure: Supervisor Fleet Management Software Technical Specifications

Connect Your Smart Factory with Seegrid Supervisor

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In this brochure, explore:

  • The technical requirements needed to connect your Palion™ AMR fleet
  • The data backup systems in place and protocols needed for operation
  • How easy it is to upgrade tablets and smart devices for access from the facility floor

Supervisor is part of the Seegrid Fleet Central™ enterprise software platform. Supervisor fleet management software delivers control and real-time visibility of your Palion autonomous mobile robot (AMR) fleet with seamless workflow integration for continuous and optimized material movement.  

Supervisor transforms material movement, delivering full visibility, predictability, and control of your Palion AMR fleet. Easily monitor the flow of materials throughout your facility from any smart device and stay informed with instant alerts when action is required. 

From the platform, you can dynamically reroute Palion AMRs to any location with remote calling, or dispatch robots to a different task to support changing demand. Supervisor acts as your automated traffic cop to keep a seamless flow of goods in high-traffic areas. Vital fleet information is at your fingertips, allowing team members to know exactly when materials will arrive to boost efficiencies.