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Top Applications for Automation in Logistics Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers

Discover How Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) Can Take Your Workflows to the Next Level

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In this infographic, explore:

  • Solutions to optimize and automate your inbound, inter-facility, and outbound processes
  • How Seegrid PalionTM AMRs you can increase efficiency, create a safer workplace, and solve for labor shortages
  • The flexibility of Palion Lift—the only lift AMR with 3D perception—including the seamless automating of applications such  as Inbound Staging to Wrapper and Pallets to Lane Staging

Seegrid Palion AMRs can safely optimize workflows across your warehouses and fulfillment centers with end-to-end automation solutions. Many of the industry’s top logistics providers have worked closely with our experts to implement automation technologies and solutions to combat challenges such as labor shortage and increased consumer demand.  

This infographic takes a look at material flow solutions in logistics facilities, and how utilizing AMRs can boost productivity, increase safety, and reduce operating costs. Download the logistics infographic now to explore how our technology, enterprise software, and best-in-class services can help optimize your supply chain and deliver a fast ROI.