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Market Guide: The Autonomous Mobile Robot Market

Based on the 2021 Mobile Robot Report by Interact Analysis

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In this market guide, you'll learn about:

  • Pressures on the supply chain that are causing the increase in demand for automation
  • Robots that are flexible and easy-to-use in industrial settings
  • Safety benefits to human and capital resources that AMRs provide
  • Seegrid's emergence as the #1 mobile robot vendor

Automation in industrial settings continues to be a high priority amongst supply chain businesses as underlying drivers—an acute labor shortage, rising costs, flexible manufacturing lines, and the e-commerce boom—are increasing the complexities of remaining competitive. Industrial facilities are also turning to flexible, infrastructure-free automation to ensure goods and material can be moved safely—without compromising productivity.

Logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing companies seek autonomous robotic platforms that are rapid to deploy and easily adaptable to change. As such, intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that can navigate using on-board technology are rapidly replacing manual operations.