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Customer Testimonial Video: Whirlpool Corporation

Leading Manufacturer Relies on Seegrid Palion™ AMRs to Achieve Material Handling Goals

In this video, discover:

  • How Whirlpool Corporation solved for the ongoing labor shortage by redeploying employees to more cognitive positions and letting Seegrid Palion AMRs handle the repetitive, dangerous tasks
  • The key ways AMRs can help companies achieve operational initiatives, including increasing safety, reliability, and productivity
  • How to reduce costs and downtime with a flexible automation solution that enables users to easily change routes and make modifications

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) principles have become increasingly critical as consumer demands for faster, better, and cheaper put a major strain on profitability. Consumer goods manufacturers like Whirlpool Corporation, one of the world’s leading producers of major home appliances, count on Seegrid Palion autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to accomplish key material handling goals.

In this video, Jim Keppler, Whirlpool’s VP of Integrated Supply Chain for the United States, explains how Palion AMRs enabled his operation to tackle their biggest material handling initiatives, and why he sees Palion AMRs as an evolution of automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology.

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