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Palion™ Lift CR1: Coming Soon to a Facility Near You

March 21, 2024  |  Seegrid

Excitement was in the air at MODEX 2024, and the buzz at Seegrid's booth was no different. Thousands of attendees got their first glimpse of the latest innovation: the Palion Lift CR1—lifting up to 15 feet with capacity that can easily handle up to 4,000lbs. This autonomous lift truck is not just another addition to the Palion fleet; it’s a game-changer in the industry, poised to redefine efficiency, safety, and flexibility in material handling automation and set to deploy in customer sites across the nation later this year.

It's Time to Elevate Your Workflows

Equipped with Seegrid's advanced tech stack, including proprietary computer-vision technology, a suite of safety sensors, and Lidar cameras, the CR1 operates with precision and reliability while navigating seamlessly through dynamic facility environments where flexibility is key. With the ability to adapt to changing layouts, manage buffer zones, and adjust routes during operation, this autonomous lift truck provides a level of productivity that far outperforms manual operation. 

With unmatched lift height and capacity, the CR1 can handle tasks previously deemed impractical for automation. Whether transporting bulky items or facilitating end-to-end Autonomous Buffer Management workflows, the CR1 is the right tool for the job. Its ability to lift heavier loads, higher, with precision and stability not only brings new levels of productivity but also greatly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

We recognize that successful deployment goes beyond delivering cutting-edge technology; it's about building enduring partnerships with our customers so you can embrace automation with confidence and success. Seegrid collaborates closely with its customers to understand their unique challenges, complex workflows, and individual goals to tailor autonomous solutions that maximize efficiency, safety, and ROI. As we embark on this transformative journey together, the future of material handling has never looked brighter. 


“This addition to our already-proven AMR fleet opens up new possibilities for our customers’ autonomous material handling needs and enables them to unlock the full potential of their operations,” said Chief Sales Officer David Griffin. “I am confident that the Palion Lift CR1 will revolutionize the way our customers approach overall material handling and buffer management automation within their facilities.”

Get in touch with an automation expert today and get ready to elevate your autonomous workflows with the Palion Lift CR1—coming soon to a facility near you.