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Product Brochure: Fleet Geek™ Analytics Software

Optimize Palion AMR Material Flow with Centralized Fleet Performance Visibility Using Fleet Geek Analytics Software

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In this brochure, explore how to:

  • Maximize performance with up-to-the-minute Palion AMR fleet performance data
  • Create human-machine partnerships ensuring implemented technology is adopted, being used properly, and helping to achieve material handling success
  • Empower decision making through smart dashboards and intuitive data visualizations — expanding visibility of meaningful reports


Consumer expectations and supply chain pressures continue to become more demanding and complex. Now more than ever, material handling automation solutions are a necessity for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities to increase safety, gain a competitive edge, and continuously improve. However, realizing the full potential of automation requires a holistic, data-driven understanding of material flow.

Fleet Geek provides intuitive, enterprise-wide, on-demand analytics and reporting of Seegrid Palion AMR fleet performance—delivering actionable insights to maximize business value and drive continuous improvement. 

Fleet Geek delivers intelligent insights needed to maximize business value and drive continuous improvement.