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Video: Supervisor Fleet Management Software

Monitor, Control, and Continuously Improve with AMR Fleet Management Software

In this video, discover:

  • How to transform your operation into a factory of the future by utilizing the fleet management software to control your AMR fleet
  • How to achieve Industry 4.0 goals when your operations are connected, material movement is automatic, and everything is in sync through a centralized platform
  • How Supervisor seamlessly integrates into facilities, orchestrating all the necessary actions that need to occur in order to maintain a constant flow of materials

Supervisor fleet management software, part of the Seegrid Fleet Central enterprise software platform, oversees workforces of Seegrid Palion autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)reducing variability while maximizing the operational efficiency of the mobile robots and material flow. 

With real-time fleet tracking visibility, you can monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time. The fleet management software directs Palion AMRs while connecting your key logistics systems for a seamless experience. AMR tracking information provides an enhanced understanding of material timing, enabling employees to confidently and more efficiently tackle the tasks at hand in tandem with the mobile robots. Supervisor also has the ability to act as a traffic cop, preventing incidents and traffic jams in busy intersections for an uninterrupted flow of goods. 

All material handling facilities are dynamic and different–each with unique configurations, challenges, integrations, and goals. Supervisor allows you to create custom actions and rules to best fit the distinct needs of your facility. With Supervisor, material movement is automatic and predictable, collecting data and communicating seamlessly so everything and everyone can stay in sync.

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