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Seegrid Supervisor: AGV Fleet Management Software



Monitor, Control, and Continuously Improve

Seegrid Supervisor fleet management software oversees workforces of self-driving automated guided vehicles (AGVs), also referred to as vision guided vehicles (VGVs)reducing variability while maximizing the operational efficiency of the vehicles and material flow. In this video, we illustrate how to transform your operation into a factory of the future by utilizing the fleet management software to control your AGV fleet. Learn how to achieve Industry 4.0 goals when everything is connected, material movement is automatic, and everything is in sync through a centralized platform. 


Real-Time Fleet Management at Your Fingertips 

Supervisor provides your team with the tools to successfully optimize for an efficient material handling workflow. With real-time fleet tracking visibility, you can monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time. The fleet management software directs the AGVs while connecting your key logistics systems for a seamless experience.

Map and status views make it easy to understand material and vehicle locations at any point in time. This real-time visibility of the entire facility ensures that the automation equipment is operating efficiently and also empowers employees with accurate, on-demand information. Vehicle tracking information provides an enhanced understanding of material timing, enabling employees to confidently and more efficiently tackle the tasks at hand in tandem with the vehicles. If an issue occurs, the problem can quickly be identified and resolved, avoiding costly downtime.

Supervisor also has the ability to act as a traffic cop, preventing incidents and traffic jams in busy intersections for an uninterrupted flow of goods. The software ensures that the routes work cohesively for optimal performance. This not only creates a more efficient flow, but it also lowers operating costs, improves safety, and ultimately boosts profitability. Avoid costly downtime and product damage while simultaneously keeping personnel and equipment protected. 


Customizable Control to Achieve Your Goals

All material handling facilities are dynamic and different–each with unique configurations, challenges, integrations, and goals. Supervisor allows you to create custom actions and rules to best fit the distinct needs of your facility. 

The platform gives the ability to call or dispatch vehicles, create multiple drop-offs or pick-ups, and set customized notifications. Easily enable automatic text or email alerts to inform when an AGV has a low battery, completes a delivery, and many other key actions. If a vehicle needs attention, Supervisor will automatically send an instant alert to avoid disruptions and downtime.

Supervisor manages the workflow for you, placing all new pending job requests into a running job queue that automatically assigns an available AGV to the next task. Should an assigned task need changed to support shifting demand or needs, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to adjust without interrupting production.

Connectivity for the Competitive Advantage

Connecting Supervisor with your enterprise (WMS/MES) or custom systems can speed up material workflow and help you better track inventory throughout your facility. In addition to connecting systems, Supervisor can also interact with existing objects and fixtures within your facility, including doors, lights, and conveyor systems. The software can seamlessly orchestrate all the necessary actions that need to occur in order to maintain a constant flow of materials. With Supervisor, material movement is automatic and predictable, collecting data and communicating seamlessly so everything and everyone can stay in sync. 

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