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Seegrid Technology Early-Access Program featuring Seegrid's new autonomous lift truck

5 Questions Answered: Seegrid Technology Early-Access Program

November 4, 2021  |  Seegrid

Seegrid announced the launch of a new program that provides select customers early access to its newest autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and enterprise software solutions, including Seegrid Palion™ Lift which is the first product offered through the program.  

In this “5 Questions Answered” segment, Seegrid’s Chief Technology Officer, Todd Graves, takes a deeper dive into the company’s new customer program called STEP and explains what it means for customers and the company’s world-class solutions.

What is STEP?

Todd Graves: STEP is the Seegrid Technology Early-Access Program. We’ve designed this program to offer an exclusive opportunity for Seegrid customers to experience the latest in our intelligent automation solutions. 

Participants in the program receive early access to new products and functionalities before anyone else. This allows our customers the chance to fine-tune their facility workflows with a dedicated Seegrid STEP team and the opportunity to provide feedback to maximize the potential of our future products. 

Early access to new technologies essentially lowers risks to customers as they implement new solutions. It’s crucial for facilities to address the element of change with the employees who are using the new technology as early as possible, because people can be resistant to change. With a dedicated STEP team assisting every step of the way, facility employees will feel more comfortable and will effectively collaborate with the new technologies, increasing adoption and ultimately maximizing the value of their automation investment.

How Does STEP Benefit Participants of the Program?

Todd Graves: The early access program provides substantial benefits to our participating customers, including exclusive and first priority access to the latest Seegrid technology to assess it in their own facility environment to confidently scale across their enterprise. 

With supply chain pressures continuing to increase, such as labor shortages and heightened demand levels, it becomes that much more important for companies to have the right tools and technologies in place to overcome these challenges quickly and effectively. Companies can gain a head start in strengthening their supply chain by being the first to access the latest innovations on the market.

Participants in STEP receive a dedicated Seegrid team, gain exclusive opportunities to experience and provide feedback on new Seegrid technology, obtain insights into product roadmaps, and have the ability to impact innovative new products like the Palion Lift.

Participants will have dedicated on-site and remote Seegrid teams that will frequently check in for input to establish a feedback loop that drives customer success. Customer feedback is pivotal to developing effective, impactful solutions for the various companies we support within the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries. Their feedback will help craft our current and future product advancements to create solutions that truly deliver to our customers’ needs. Participation in STEP will enable customers to get the support they need when they need it, while also helping Seegrid validate and make product improvements based on their feedback.

What Products are Part of STEP?

Todd Graves: Seegrid Palion Lift is the first product to be offered through the STEP program. Seegrid has long been a leading provider of AMRs for horizontal transport of materials, but companies are seeking full end-to-end, hands-free material handling solutions. With the introduction of Palion Lift, new capabilities are being added to the Seegrid product portfolio, expanding into new vertical workflows for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics material handling facilities. 

Several of our customers expressed early interest in vertical lift capabilities. Our team worked with those customers to identify, explore, and confirm their workflow applications that align with the functionality of Palion Lift. Our Palion Lift is a true game changer for companies, as it is the only autonomous lift truck with 3D visual perception in the industry. We are excited to see our customers test and add new workflows to further their automation initiatives and strengthen their competitive edge.

Is STEP Only for Seegrid Palion Lift?

Todd Graves: No, Palion Lift is the first product we are offering through STEP, but we will continue to introduce other new products to the program over time. Moving forward, all of our new mobile robots and software solutions will have the opportunity to leverage STEP to gain customer feedback, validate product functionality, and strengthen customer relationships ahead of the general availability launch. 

We see great value in this program, to both our customers and Seegrid. At Seegrid, we are committed to transforming the world’s supply chain with safe, proven, and connected material handling solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. 

This program strengthens our ability to deliver products that align with our customers’ needs, wants, and expectations through direct feedback and collaboration. Our success is predicated on the success of our customers, and by giving customers earlier access to the latest tools and technology to fortify their operations, we succeed together. The better we understand how our technology performs in specific live environments, the better we can fine-tune our products.

Who Should Participate in STEP?

Todd Graves: Companies that value cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that enable growth and agility should participate in our early access program. Technology, especially in the realm of autonomous solutions and AI, is constantly evolving and progressing. It’s crucial that companies work with an automation partner that can deliver solutions that enable them to react quickly to shifting dynamics to accelerate growth.

At Seegrid, we remain steadfast in advancing mobile automation with innovative and intelligent solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with proven solutions that move material as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Customers who choose to participate in this program are gaining a competitive advantage by getting special access to the latest technologies that will push their operations to be faster, stronger, and safer today and in the long term.

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