Top Tips to Tackle Peak Demand with Automation

How Automated Guided Vehicles can Increase Productivity

With retailer events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, holiday shopping has taken a large shift to the online space. According to Adobe Analytics, in 2019, online shoppers in the U.S. are expected to spend $143.7 billion in November and December, with $29 billion being spent during the 5-day period of Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.

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Train One AGV, Train Them All

Seegrid Vision Technology Eliminates Downtime for Training (and Re-training) Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Planning for Growth with AGVs

When selecting an automation vendor for material movement, it’s important to consider not only your current needs, but future applications as well. As your operation grows, adapting to a rapidly changing industry and taking on new challenges, you need a solution with the reliability and flexibility to meet demand.

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Adapting to Automation: Lessons for Long-Term Success

This article was originally published in SupplyChainBrain.

What’s the top next-gen technology that’s on strategic agendas across executive war rooms? The answer is automation and robotics, according to a recent survey of more than 800 financial executives from companies worth over $1bn.

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Advance Your Materials Handling Operations with Real-Time Data

This article was originally published in IndustryWeek.

As manufacturers and distributors undertake new automation initiatives and push toward Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution - they have access to an unprecedented amount of data.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT), constantly streams data through different kinds of smart devices and software programs. The trick is figuring out how to use the data in an impactful way that brings immediate value and drives continuous improvement.

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Seegrid Supervisor: Your Key to the Smart Factory of Tomorrow

As an integral part of the Seegrid Smart Platform, Supervisor fleet management software is the key to your smart factory. With real time dispatching, vehicle status updates, and object interactions, Supervisor software was designed to keep your factory in sync.

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Eliminating Product Damage with AGV Technologies

Moving heavy materials throughout your supply chain all day, every day–accounting for labor shortages, peak season, and the potential of damaged goods–is no easy task. Even with the most skilled human labor, accidents can happen while picking and shipping goods. Despite efforts to reduce losses due to damaged, it’s a common occurrence the impacts the bottom line.

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Lean Manufacturing: Eliminate the 7 Wastes With Self-Driving Vehicles

More Optimization, Less Waste

We live in an age when many aspects of our lives are continuously optimized and improved upon. We call up transportation at the touch of an app. Instead of waiting at a doctor’s office, we opt for medical consultations over video conference. Online orders arrive at our doorsteps in less than 24 hours. Such optimizations feed our need for instant gratification, setting new, higher expectations for many businesses, including manufacturers and their material handling and distribution systems.

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5 Steps on Your Journey Toward Industry 4.0

Introducing new technology can be disruptive: upending the status quo is always challenging for businesses and their employees. For manufacturers, though, the idea of the smart factory of the future is quickly becoming a reality, and even those hesitant to embrace these advancements are finding it hard to ignore. As we advance steadily toward Industry 4.0, companies should prepare to redefine how they approach materials handling.

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Productivity Boosts at Zulily With Seegrid's Vision-Guided AGVs

Companies in manufacturing and warehousing today are turning to automatic guided vehicle solutions (AGVs) for their material movement needs. Accuracy, efficiency, and performance all factor into choosing the right AGV to meet your facility needs, with many options in today’s market to choose from. 

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The Link Between AGVs and Labor Cost Reductions

For most companies, improving their bottom line is critical to success. When looking at the bigger picture, labor costs, operating costs, efficiency, and workflow processes are all aspects that play into a company’s overall progress. When disruptions to these areas happen, ripple effects can be felt across a facility.

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