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Seegrid at MODEX 2022: Next-Level Automation, Now.

MODEX 2022: Next-Level Automation, Now.

March 29, 2022  |  Seegrid

MODEX 2022 is bringing more, more, more! One of the largest industry events, MODEX brings supply chain professionals together with providers for in-person opportunities to learn, discover, and experience today’s leading solutions for a future-proofed tomorrow.


Due to evolving and growing supply chain demands, facilities are increasingly implementing automation at a rapid pace with robots taking on a wide variety of tasks. Because of this, full fleet interoperability, or the ability of systems, equipment, or software operating in conjunction with each other, has become a high priority among today’s largest brands. Many global manufacturing, e-commerce, and logistics companies leverage Seegrid’s connected full-facility automation solutions to combat their largest challenges and gain the competitive edge with a fleet that maximizes efficiencies. 

As supply chain velocities continue to accelerate, we found MODEX to be the perfect place to unveil new products and showcase our next-level automation technologies, advancements, and solutions working collaboratively together to provide complete end-to-end automation with seamless interoperability.

Here’s a quick look at Seegrid’s complete autonomous mobile robot (AMR) fleet that is powered by Seegrid IQ autonomy technology, which fuses data from cameras, LiDAR, and machine learning models with our proprietary 3D computer vision system, enabling the robots to reliably and safely transport goods across dynamic factories and warehouses.

Seegrid Palion™ Lift AMR

Making its global premiere at MODEX 2022, Palion Lift, our newest AMR and the most advanced autonomous forklift in the market, provides end-to-end task automation for low-lift processes across facilities. The automated fork truck utilizes Seegrid IQ, our leading proprietary autonomy technology, to fully automate the movement of material to and from storage, staging areas, and workcells across enterprises, transporting 3,500 pound payloads and securely placing them at heights of up to six feet.


Palion Lift seamlessly integrates into workflows, autonomously detecting, recognizing, and interfacing with facility infrastructure and equipment including pallets, tables, conveyors, and floor-level racking. Common workflow applications for Palion Lift include inbound to putaway, kitted parts to line, cross-docking, pallets to wrapper, wrapper to staging, and staging to putaway.

With advanced Smart Path sensing capabilities and 3D perception, Palion Lift excels in complex environments. The mobile robot can safely place pallets onto and pick pallets from conveyors or other elevated surfaces by utilizing its 360° safety-rated scanning coverage and 3D LiDAR for object detection. 

Using its pallet detection system and dynamic path planning, Palion Lift accounts for variability in pallet placement. It can autonomously detect fork pockets and also understand when the payload has been fully engaged, ensuring maximum safety and repeatability. Prior to picking or placing a payload, you will see the forks raise and lower to fully scan the area and confirm the infrastructure is clear, ensuring maximum safety and accuracy.

During the live demonstrations at MODEX, attendees can see Palion Lift autonomously identify, build, and deplete staged pallet lanes, locating payloads for precise, efficient pick-up and drop-off of goods. Lane staging allows you to streamline automated material movement for inbound staging to putaway, outbound staging for trailer loading, and staging for buffer areas.

The demonstration will showcase Palion Lift working in tandem with other Seegrid IQ-powered robots, including a Raymond Courier 3220 Automated High Capacity Tow Tractor—an automated vehicle that is available through Seegrid’s strategic partnership with the Raymond Corporation. 

As announced on Monday, Seegrid is now taking pre-orders for Palion Lift, giving companies the opportunity to lock in priority access to the highly anticipated lift truck AMR.

Palion Tow Tractor

Seegrid Palion Tow Tractor transforms horizontal material movement, autonomously transporting cart trains and other payloads up to 10,000 pounds using proprietary technology for hands-free flexibility, increasing productivity and reducing cost for safe, repeatable, and efficient delivery. This AMR precisely executes production schedules, intelligently moving multiple payloads in one trip for real cost savings.

Due to its outstanding performance and reliability, our Palion Tow Tractor was named #1 in market share worldwide in the 2021 Mobile Robot report by Interact Analysis, an international market research authority for the supply chain automation industry. 

At MODEX, you can see the Palion Tow Tractor performing synchronized self-charging at an Auto-Charge station. All Palion AMRs have Auto-Charge capabilities, boosting productivity by automating the scheduling, dispatch, and charging of entire fleets to keep operations running safely, effectively, and efficiently 24/7. 

When a Palion AMR approaches an Auto-Charge station, a charging arm is extended and connects to the AMR. Once the AMR battery reaches a sufficient charge, the robot disconnects from the Auto-Charge station and is put back into service. Seegrid offers two Auto-Charge configurations to accommodate a facility’s needs—a drive-in configuration where Palion AMRs can pull up and back out when complete, as well as a drive-thru configuration, where the AMR simply drives forward once charging is complete.

When AMRs direct themselves to a battery charging station and take human touchpoints out of the process, potential risks are eliminated by keeping workers away from dangerous environments. Removing human error from the charging process greatly improves safety and effectiveness while also allowing skilled workers to be reassigned to safer, more valuable positions.

Palion Pallet Truck

Completing the current Seegrid Palion AMR portfolio is the Palion Pallet Truck. This AMR transforms material movement by providing hands-free movement of up to 8,000 pounds of goods for safe, repeatable pickup and drop off of goods. 

Our Palion Pallet Truck isn’t performing in this particular MODEX demonstration, but it also provides several impactful benefits in terms of safety and efficiency for facilities. Like Palion Lift, this AMR can also perform lane staging, autonomously identifying, building, and depleting lanes to optimize inbound receiving, putaway, and other key workflows. When building or depleting a staged lane, Palion Pallet Trucks autonomously detect and confirm engagement of pallets, ensuring safe and predictable movement that is on time, every time. 

Palion Pallet Trucks also feature auto-spear and precision drop capabilities, engaging skids, pallets, crates, and other containers without any human intervention. This ensures flawless delivery and increased units per hour. 

Level Up Your Material Handling

From record-setting labor shortages to shifting consumer behaviors and demands, material handling facilities need to ensure they have the right technologies and tools in place to provide accurate and timely customer experiences while also having the flexibility to adjust to evolving challenges in the future. 

Seegrid’s end-to-end automation solutions empower fast-paced, dynamic facilities to optimize workflows safely without disruptions. If you are attending MODEX, we invite you to stop by our booth (#C7685) to watch live demonstrations of our Palion AMRs working safely and seamlessly together for end-to-end material orchestration. 

White Paper: The Autonomous Mobile Robot Market

Download this market guide based on the 2021 Mobile Robot Report by Interact Analysis to learn more about today’s supply chain pressures and the best automation solutions.

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