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Seegrid at MODEX 2022: Level Up Your Material Movement

MODEX 2022: Level Up Your Material Movement

March 30, 2022  |  Seegrid

It’s day #3 at MODEX 2022, one of the largest industry events that brings supply chain professionals together with providers for in-person opportunities to learn, discover, and experience today’s leading solutions for a future-proofed tomorrow. 


The Seegrid team has been busy connecting with attendees in the Seegrid booth (#C7685) to discuss companies’ biggest operational initiatives and intelligent mobile automation solutions that drive results. A major theme that continues to emerge is the need for visibility into performance and material flow in logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing facilities.

With supply chain challenges continuing to compound and evolve, companies are increasingly embracing automation solutions. However, not all automation solutions provide visibility into a facility’s material flow and operational performance. 

It’s important to work with an automation vendor who provides tools and technologies that empower users to quickly identify what is working well and where improvements can be made while also having the ability to easily make changes that drive continuous improvement.  Investing in a transparent supply chain will not only help companies thrive today, but visibility also helps facilities become better prepared for future disruptions and growth. Software solutions can be the window into your future. Decision making becomes clear when you take a data-driven approach, for both operational and overall business decisions. 

At Seegrid, we are focused on delivering solutions that transform the world’s supply chain—and that goes beyond our industry-leading intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Here’s a quick look at Seegrid Fleet Central, our suite of enterprise software solutions.

Fleet Geek® AMR Fleet Analytics Software

Supply chain pressures have made material handling automation a matter of when, not if. However, realizing the full potential of automation requires a holistic, data-driven understanding of material flow. 

Fleet Geek is Seegrid’s cloud-based fleet analytics software that provides an enterprise-wide view of material movement throughout facilities. With a centralized dashboard of on-demand insights, facilities become empowered with informed decision making to improve their AMR fleet performance, drive automation adoption, and optimize material flow. 

Fleet Geek provides intuitive analytics reporting with actionable insights that maximize the business value of automation investments while driving continuous improvement. With expanded visibility into workflows, facilities can put data into action and streamline efficiencies to create an agile fleet that can meet the demands of variability while reliably handling day-to-day operations. Data can help form the foundation of where you are today, define what is possible for tomorrow, and help you map how to get there. 

Fleet Geek’s intuitive dashboard provides visualized reporting on your Seegrid Palion™ AMR fleet performance to deliver the intelligent insights needed to maximize business value and optimizations. Rely upon objective data points to ensure your fleet is hitting key performance indicators and operating as effectively as possible. When facilities have a strong understanding of their performance, they can fast-track their route to achieving a return on investment and drive increased flexibility, productivity, and scalability.

Fleet Geek harnesses the power of data to:

  • Ensure your automation project is effective, on track, and successful
  • Accelerate adoption of Palion AMRs within your facility
  • Better understand fleet performance with up-to-the-minute delivery views
  • Streamline processes and reduce downtime with insights into robot activity
  • Seamlessly monitor your fleet’s movement with insight into the overall distance traveled
  • Fast-track your ability to scale with proven, data-driven success

Supervisor Fleet Management Software

Fleet Geek works in tandem with Supervisor, Seegrid’s powerful fleet management software, by capturing critical information about the movement and performance of your Palion AMR fleet. Supervisor delivers control and real-time visibility of your fleet with seamless workflow integration for continuous and optimized material movement throughout your facility.

The powerful fleet management software oversees your Palion AMR workforce, maximizing the operational efficiency of your fleet and material flow. The platform enables users to conveniently monitor materials throughout facilities from any smart device. Users can utilize map and status views to track where AMRs and materials are going at any time. If certain actions need to be tracked, users can stay up to date by setting up customized notifications.

Supervisor provides flexible control and easily integrates with enterprise (WMS/MES) or custom systems, providing added visibility into day-to-day operations. Users can dynamically re-route Palion AMRs to any location with remote calling or dispatch available robots to a different task to support changing demands. The information provided in the platform creates a stronger, more informed workforce with crucial fleet information at their fingertips. Assembly operators can gain the visibility they need to know exactly when materials will arrive at their workflows, when robots complete deliveries, or if a battery is low, taking action directly through the platform. 

Harness the Power of Data Visibility

Automation success goes beyond just the robots. Expand your facilities’ abilities and opportunities today and into the future by putting analytics into action. Automation will play an ongoing role in your operational success. When flexible AMRs and software solutions are paired together, you can advance, innovate, and grow by relying upon objective data to manage your fleet. It’s critical that your solution provides the flexibility and agility to adjust and scale over time while also providing workflow visibility that enables you to make informed decisions about your fleet. 

If you are attending MODEX, we invite you to stop by our booth (#C7685) to meet with our team of automation experts and to watch live demonstrations of Fleet Central software solutions in action.

Infographic: Mapping the Route to Automation Success

Download this infographic to learn how to ensure your automation project will deliver a fast ROI and also provide long-term success.

Download the Infographic

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