Improve Efficiency with Vision Guided AGVs

September 16, 2011  |  Seegrid

When companies look to improve efficiency, automation and industry 4.0 initiatives have become the roadmap to success. Implementing technology like Seegrid’s vision-powered automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can improve efficiency by transporting products throughout a facility in a predictable, timely fashion. 


Adonis Bristow, Plant Industrial Engineer at YUSA, had this to say about working with Seegrid’s vision-guided AGVs: “The industry is becoming very competitive cost-wise so we had to try to figure out a way to make processes and operating cost as efficient as possible. We looked at the different characteristics in our manufacturing to figure out what can we replace with some type of automated process. We were looking at the transference of materials from one point to another and saw that our finished goods are just simply transferred from our packing location to the warehouse.”

Unlike manned vehicles, Seegrid’s GP8 pallet jacks are never distracted, they have consistently safe behavior and follow the same precise paths each time. Once products arrive at the warehouse, Seegrid’s AGVs automatically deposit finished goods to the assigned staging areas. From there, lift trucks will gather the load, wrap it securely and deposit it in racking where it will be held for just a day or two until these goods are shipped to automotive plants for just-in-time delivery. 

As with many facilities, there are numerous applications that can be implemented using Seegrid’s fleet of automated vehicles.  With our team of experienced implementation specialists, we’ll find the right set of applications that work best for your facility.

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