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MODEX 2024: Autonomy that Works with You

March 22, 2024  |  Seegrid

Nearly 49,000 attendees and 1,200 exhibitors from around the world traveled to MODEX ‘24 last week for the best attended MHI event in its history. This golden opportunity to connect with automation experts and thought leaders showcases the latest innovations in automation and supply chain for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries with the common goal of making workplaces safer, more productive, and committed to meeting expanding demands.

Here’s a recap of this year’s show highlights from MODEX 2024:

Announcement: Seegrid is Taking Orders for Palion™ Lift CR1 AMR for 2024 Deployments

On Monday, March 11, Seegrid debuted its second autonomous lift truck, the Palion Lift CR1, lifting up to 15 feet with capacity that can easily handle up to 4,000lbs. As excitement has it, the CR1 is now available for pre-order with customer deployment dates as early as Q4 of 2024. 

Equipped with Seegrid's advanced tech stack, the CR1 operates with precision and reliability while navigating seamlessly through dynamic facility environments where flexibility is key. Its unmatched lift height and capacity, along with its ability to adapt to changing layouts, perform end-to-end Autonomous Buffer Management workflows, and easily adjust routes during operation, provides customers with new levels of productivity while also greatly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in their facilities. 

“This addition to our already-proven AMR fleet opens up new possibilities for our customers’ autonomous material handling needs and enables them to unlock the full potential of their operations,” said Chief Sales Officer David Griffin. “I am confident that the Palion Lift CR1 will revolutionize the way our customers approach overall material handling and buffer management automation within their facilities.”


Live Demos of Newly Released Autonomous Buffer Management

Our Palion AMR fleet has driven over 13 million autonomous miles in customer production facilities. Last week at MODEX, we demonstrated the future of material handling - Autonomous Buffer Management (ABM). ABM is the industry's most comprehensive solution designed to automate essential buffer management workflows across the material handling spectrum—and was on full display during our live in-booth demos utilizing our Palion Lifts! With the RS1 stacking and destacking pallets while simultaneously loading and unloading carts pulled by our Palion Tow, booth visitors could easily see the benefits of autonomy that works for buffer management. Attendees also had the opportunity to see how Fleet Central, Seegrid’s user-friendly Fleet Management software, flawlessly powered the demo behind the scenes to provide a seamless end-to-end automation experience. 


Speaking Session: Automating lift trucks in the Real World

On Wednesday, March 13th we hosted our exclusive speaking session, “Automating Lift Trucks in the Real World.” Chief Sales Officer David Griffin and VP of Robotics Tom Panzarella walked through the reasons autonomous lift trucks aren’t in every warehouse despite their immense utility and the clear business case for them. With a heavy focus on the expectation problem created between autonomy vendors and customers—and why autonomous lift trucks can’t, and shouldn’t, replace manual workflows one hundred percent of the time.
The big takeaway: vendors and customers need to work together to reshape how we approach warehouse automation to maximize our potential for success. 

We had an incredible time at MODEX 2024, connecting with some of the world's leading companies and learning about their goals and increasing challenges. This opportunity to showcase first-hand what the future of autonomous material handling holds not only strengthens the trust of Seegrid in the market, but expands our partnerships to support over 50 global brands in more than 200 customer facilities to date. 

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