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Seegrid Supervisor: Your Key to the Smart Factory of Tomorrow

November 7, 2018  |  Seegrid

As an integral part of the Seegrid Smart Platform, Supervisor fleet management software is the key to your smart factory. With real time dispatching, vehicle status updates, and object interactions, Supervisor software was designed to keep your factory in sync.


Seegrid’s Supervisor fleet management software directs our autonomously guided vehicles and seamlessly connects all of your key logistics operations. Track the movement of materials throughout your facility in real-time with vehicle status updates on your entire fleet. Acting as a traffic cop, Supervisor keeps your goods flowing by directing AGVs through busy intersections— preventing incidents and traffic jams. In addition, access to key performance metrics provides insights needed to achieve even greater efficiency and further cost-savings.  


Supervisor allows you to create custom actions that fit the needs of your manufacturing facility. With the ability to call or dispatch vehicles, and create multiple drop-offs or pick-ups, Supervisor can improve workflow and streamline your material movements. Supervisor’s fleet management software is designed to be user friendly so operators can make needed route adjustments when necessary without halting production. 

And, for those times you're not at your desk, Supervisor can send notifications to keep you up to date. Once a task is complete, the vehicle lets Supervisor know it's ready for its next assignment–whether that's another trip on the same route or something new. Supervisor manages your material movement workflow, placing all pending requests into a running job queue that will automatically assigning an available AGV to the next task.


Connecting Supervisor with a WMS or MES can speed up material workflow and help you better track inventory throughout your facility. Supervisor can also interact with objects in your facility like doors, lights, and conveyor systems. Whether it's Industry 4.0, the factory of the future or whatever comes next, Seegrid can help keep you on track. With Supervisor, material movement is automatic and predictable, collecting data, reporting, and communicating seamlessly so everything and everyone can stay in sync.

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