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Train One AMR, Train Them All

September 3, 2019  |  Seegrid

Seegrid Vision Technology Eliminates Downtime for Training (and Retraining) Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Planning for Growth with AMRs

When selecting an automation vendor for material movement, it’s important to consider not only your current needs, but future applications as well. As your operation grows, adapting to a rapidly changing industry and taking on new challenges, you need a solution with the reliability and flexibility to meet demand.

When managing autonomous vehicles, you must consider the consequences of changing or redeploying existing AMRs, as well as training newly added robots. With Seegrid Palion Tow Tractors and Palion Pallet Trucks, users can easily train and retrain one or many vehicles in minutes. Time and investment is spent on measuring impact and improvements, not on operating the AMRs themselves.

Training Robots with Zero Disruption

When your new Seegrid Palion AMRs arrive on-site, they can be ready on day one. Our experienced Seegrid team is invested in your success. A Seegrid implementation team will be there to assist you with training your new AMRs — and to show you how to do the same. Notably, unlike other AMR and automated guided vehicle (AGV) providers, Seegrid AMRs can be installed while production is running, with zero disruption to operations. You can be up and running in a matter of hours by simply driving or walking the robot through the desired route to train it. As you’re navigating, the Seegrid 3D vision system is building a map of your facility along this route and creating a reference model. When you are done training the robot, the AMR compiles all of the information it collected and now has a reusable route for use at any time — no reprogramming required. That’s it — your Palion AMR is ready to get to work. 

Redeploying and Expanding Your Fleet

As your company grows and you discover new AMR applications and workflows, adding robots to your fleet — or retraining existing AMRs — and getting them up and running is easy with Seegrid. Training Palion AMRs is quick, with no production shutdowns and no time lost. You simply export the path from one robot, and share it with another robot. Your fleet can be trained in a matter of minutes, so you can put Seegrid AMRs to work — and gain efficiencies — faster.

In a recent blog post titled “Warehouse of the Future: The Power of Compound Learning and Robotics,” blog author and Gartner VP Analyst, Supply Chain Technology, Dwight Klappich explores this “train one, train them all” concept, and the impact of compound learning on intelligent machines. He says: “For example, with AMR vendor Seegrid, users can put the AMR in "training" mode via an onboard interface. In this mode, as the user drives or walks the AMR through tasks, the AMR records its assignments. The learned environment can then be shared with the entire fleet. When adding a new AMR, it starts as knowledgeable as every other unit already in place. For humans it might take weeks for a new employee to learn their way around the warehouse, yet the AMR is up to speed in minutes.

Changing Routes 

In addition to training new robots, Seegrid customers are also empowered to make all changes to their AMR routes whenever they choose, without engaging a Seegrid engineer. This flexibility allows you to make changes quickly to meet your throughput goals. Your team is able to easily train new routes in-house in a matter of minutes to hours, depending on the complexity of the changes, meaning no downtime or lost productivity.

Because they are 100% infrastructure-free and don’t require laser reflectors, wires, magnets or tape, Seegrid AMRs can be moved from one work process to another, or from facility to facility, to handle peak seasons, supply chain disruptions, fluctuations, or expansions. This type of flexibility means you don’t need to bring in third-party surveyors and engineers, or install new underlying framework, saving both time and money. 

AMRs in Dynamic Environments

No matter how complex or unique your facilities are, Seegrid is the best solution for your autonomous material movement. Giving you total ownership of your autonomous vehicles, Seegrid empowers you to make changes to your material flow routes as needed, without having to rely on an engineer to help. This means you reach your goals while achieving a faster return on investment — win, win.

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