How AGVs Cut Through Waste to Increase Throughput

June 17, 2016  |  Seegrid

Seegrid’s vision-powered automated guided vehicles (AGVs) do exactly what we train them to do—on time, every time, any time, day or night. Our AGVs, also known as Vision Guided Vehicles (VGV), bring revolutionary technology to the manufacturing floor, streamlining workflow and improving throughput activity.


Through adopting the use of Seegrid AGVs, you can count on the delivery of goods on-time, every time. You will not only overcome your downtime challenges, but can also begin to eliminate common wastes that many manufacturers frequently encounter. 

  • Transport: Eliminate the need for people to handle the movement of materials from one location to another.
  • Inventory: Achieve a seamless flow between work centers with consistent delivery of goods. 
  • Motion: Prevent the excessive movement of people or machines within the work space.
  • Waiting: Improve predictability by with constant visibility into your fleet, preventing you from waiting for product or info
  • Over-Processing: Prevent non-standardized working practices caused by operators using different methods between different shifts
  • Overproduction: Ensure consistent Just-In-Time delivery, allowing companies to schedule and produce only what can be immediately sold and shipped.
  • Defects: Prevent defects caused by differences in the way that processes are undertaken by different operators on different shifts.

The move toward Lean Manufacturing principles within the industry has changed the way we approach production and workflow. Through the elimination of waste and implementation of automation, we are moving closer to the new future of manufacturing and warehousing, Industry 4.0



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