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MODEX 2020: Seegrid's Event Recap

MODEX 2020 Wrap-Up

March 12, 2020  |  Seegrid

Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies around the world leverage Seegrid smart automation, including our self-driving autonomous mobile robots, fleet management software, and actionable analytics platforms. MODEX provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect face-to-face with companies that are looking to bring automation to the supply chain and make the workplace safer, more efficient, and more beneficial to humans.

Here’s a recap of show highlights from MODEX 2020, wrapping up today, March 12:

New Brand and Redesigned Website Unveiled

To kick off the MODEX event, Seegrid unveiled a new company logo, branding, and website. The Seegrid MODEX booth was the first public visual display of the rebrand. The new branding is designed to reflect our company mission of delivering solutions that transform the world’s supply chain. “Today, our new brand reinforces our commitment to innovation, but also captures the human element of our strong, supportive, and dedicated team of experts,” said Seegrid Chief Executive Officer Jim Rock. Learn more about the rebranding initiative.

New Products Announced

On Monday, March 9, 2020, Seegrid announced the launch of two new products—the GT10 Series 7 Plus automated tow tractor and Auto-Charge—both designed to advance automated material movement for manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce companies.

The GT10 Series 7 Plus automated tow tractor features a shorter mast structure to accommodate facilities with height restrictions, comes standard with auto-hitch capabilities, and features reverse sensing for added functionality. It is also the first autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to feature Auto-Charge capabilities, which allows our customers to completely automate the AMR battery charging process.

Auto-Charge is integrated into the Seegrid Supervisor fleet management software which monitors the robot battery levels, automatically sends robots to charging stations, and schedules robots to return to production once a full charge is reached. Learn more about the GT10 Series 7 Plus automated tow tractor and Auto-Charge.

Live Demo In Booth

The Seegrid booth at MODEX provided an opportunity to observe our latest products working seamlessly together for efficient material movement. Booth visitors were able to watch the GT10 Series 7 Plus tow tractor, Auto-Charge, and the Raymond Courier Automated Stacker—the award-winning autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that autonomously navigates with Seegrid Vision technology—seamlessly working in collaboration for pure efficiency.

Seegrid self-driving AMRs are unlike any other infrastructure-free AMR on the market. Our navigation technology is the most robust, reliable, and proven with nearly 3 million autonomous production miles driven by customers. This demonstration allowed attendees to see this proven technology in action, providing a connected solution that drives real results—increasing throughput, improving safety, and reducing labor costs.

Advanced Analytics Speaking Session

On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, Seegrid hosted a speaking session titled, Optimize Operations and Rack-up ROI with Advanced Analytics. This educational session helped attendees learn how to seamlessly integrate AMRs into facilities, turning data into information that facilitates continuous improvement and a fast return on investment.

MODEX 2020 was a great opportunity for Seegrid to connect with some of the world’s leading companies to learn about their challenges and goals, while also being able to show them first-hand what is possible for their supply chain operations. Learn more at www.seegrid.com

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