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Seegrid Vision Guided AGVs Provide Warehouse Solutions at Giant Eagle

September 29, 2016  |  Seegrid

For many companies, the costs associated with manual material handling can make a huge impact to the bottom line. In recent years, automation advancements have driven a change in the market, becoming a go to solution for companies looking to innovate their material flow processes.


According to Giant Eagle’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, the implementation of Seegrid’s vision-powered AGVs helped reduce the cost of material movement within their facility, “One of the major costs are with our people — handling products and manned travel. So if we can reduce the number of miles driven by a manned high lifter, double pallet jack, etc, that's going to take costs out of the system.” Through Seegrid’s unique vision-powered AGVs, many companies have not only had a significant reduction in full-time employees, but have also seen gains in productivity and efficiency. From these cost savings, companies like Giant Eagle are able to reinvest those funds into other areas.

When it comes to flexibility, Seegird’s AGVs can navigate through your dynamic facility with ease. Giant Eagle chose Seegrid over other competitors in the market due to Seegrid's performance in dynamic environments and  infrastructure free operations. Seegrid AGVs do not require wires, tape, or reflectors in order to operate, instead using 360 degree vision technology. With no fixed infrastructure needed for operations, customers can easily modify material flow routes themselves in a matter of minutes while production is running. 

Seegrid is the only market leader to autonomously drive 2M+ miles in advanced manufacturing and warehousing environments with a perfect safety record. As the market leader for AGVs, Seegrid’s automation solutions can transform your facility and material flow.

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