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Productivity Boosts at Zulily With Seegrid's Vision-Guided AGVs

May 19, 2017  |  Seegrid

Companies in manufacturing and warehousing today are turning to automatic guided vehicle solutions (AGVs) for their material movement needs. Accuracy, efficiency, and performance all factor into choosing the right AGV to meet your facility needs, with many options in today’s market to choose from. 



As the #1 provider in the fast growing “infrastructure-free” AGV market, Seegrid's automation solutions can increase throughput, improve safety, fill labor shortages, and help improve overall material flow at customer sites. 

At Zulily, Seegrid’s vision-guided AGVs increased productivity, reutilizing employees to more meaningful positions. “The main challenge I was trying to solve was to remove the inherent operator from these daily product ferrying routines, and put them into an actual useful operation which in turn gives us productivity,” said  Zulily Senior Industrial Engineer Dwarakesh Jayaram. “When we looked at Seegrid, we thought this would be a great innovative solution for us because this is not an age-old practice where we use tape or magnetic wire to drive a machine.”

The fast growing field of industrial AGVs carries a variety of features to improve your daily material flow processes, each with different approaches to improving this workflow. What makes Seegrid’s vision-guided AGVs unique is their flexibility and infrastructure free focus. They can easily be trained by employees on site, changing routes in your facility in minutes without shutting down production or impacting work-flow. The ability to be flexible in dynamic environments, reduce labor costs, and improve safety allow Seegrid’s AGVs to have a fast ROI and show immediate results. 

Customers like Zulily also utilize Seegrid’s unique fleet management software, Seegrid Supervisor. A key piece to automation, Seegrid’s Supervisor fleet management software can connect together all of your workflows. Track the movement of your AGVs and materials as they move throughout your facility, integrating your systems to keep your teams informed and on schedule. Seegrid Supervisor can send emails and text alerts to your team so operators can anticipate deliveries, and integrate AGVs with doors, conveyors and other infrastructure through PLC integration.  

Through solving the biggest challenges in manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce/fulfillment, Seegrid’s vision-guided AGVs create real value for real customers.

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