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Eliminating Product Damage with AGV Technologies

October 8, 2018  |  Seegrid

Moving heavy materials throughout your supply chain all day, every day–accounting for labor shortages, peak season, and the potential of damaged goods–is no easy task. Even with the most skilled human labor, accidents can happen while picking and shipping goods. Despite efforts to reduce losses due to damaged, it’s a common occurrence the impacts the bottom line.


When considering solutions to mitigate damaged products, companies today are turning to automation. Through technologies like Seegrid’s vision-powered automated guided vehicles (AGVs), companies improve throughput with consistent, predictable delivery of goods. AGV forklifts, pallet trucks, and tuggers have changed the way today’s manufacturers move products through facilities. Through careful engineering, theses vehicles are designed to safely, securely, and reliably move goods along the paths they are trained on, and as a result, goods arrive in excellent condition. 


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