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Empower Your Team With Seegrid Learning

3 Advantages of Creating an Empowered Team of Automation Experts

July 22, 2021  |  Michelle Hammons

Let’s face it—change is hard. As creatures of habit, we take comfort in the routine. Change can quickly jolt us from our comfort zone, manifesting uncertainty that can derail positive momentum. However, when embraced correctly, change can propel progress and potential to new heights.

In a manufacturing plant, logistics facility, or distribution center, implementing new technologies, like autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) or automated guided vehicles (AGVs), brings on changes to workflows, processes, and procedures. It is important that the human workforce feels comfortable and confident working alongside and collaborating with the automation technology as they adjust to their new processes. 

Facility managers should aim to minimize the discomforts of change to gain acceptance from the human workers and maximize the value of the automation investment. The most effective way is through one word: understanding. With structural support and enablement, offering education, training, and information, you can empower employees to achieve greater levels of success. 

There are several benefits to developing a knowledgeable workforce. Here are three advantages you can gain by ensuring your employees have the information they need to drive results.

1. Increase Adoption to Accelerate Your Industrial Automation Success

To effectively achieve your automation goals, employees must utilize the automation technologies correctly. With their day-to-day workflows changing, it’s normal for employees to initially resist new processes. People like to do things the way they are used to doing them. 

To overcome this, empower your employees to understand, use, and embrace the technology. When facilities provide the right information, training, and reinforcement to help the employees get up and running, the rate of adoption and overall support for the system accelerates.

Provide information that is relevant to the employee’s application, and ensure that they can easily understand why the technology was implemented, how to properly use and maintain the technology, and how it can positively benefit them in their role. Confidence can create a sense of ownership and establish trust. 

People want to be part of a successful, winning team. Leverage an AMR vendor who provides services, such as on-site training, self-led educational resources, and continued support to help employees become more skilled, involved, and focused. Developing a confident, knowledgeable team will fast-track your automation success for a faster return on investment.

2. Build a Team of Automation Experts to Elevate Potential to the Next Level

As your workforce begins using the AMR technology effectively, you will quickly see major improvements in your performance metrics, including reduced costs, improved safety, boosted throughput, and improved worker productivity. But it doesn’t have to stop there. 

Employees can become material handling automation experts by sharpening their skills and expanding their knowledge to safely operate and maintain their AMR fleet. After learning how to use the technologies, then they can take the next steps and help identify new opportunities for continuous improvement. 

For example, employees can learn how to utilize AMR fleet analytics software, like Fleet Geek, applying their competency of the mobile robot fleet and leveraging actionable insights from the software platform to continue advancing. When companies establish an environment where teaching and learning are embraced, facilities will continuously improve, driving safety, efficiency, and growth even further. 

3. Confidently Stay Ahead with Operational Agility

When teams have the ability to access the information they need, when they need it, and at a pace that is convenient for them, the operation can continuously improve to become even stronger. Levels of expertise will vary across a material handling facility, which is why it’s important to provide a wide range of educational resources.

For example, new employees can easily be brought up to speed with introductory, on-demand training courses. More experienced employees who are already collaborating with the mobile robots can quickly find and implement a solution when faced with a new challenge, ensuring that production doesn’t get disrupted. Advanced users can discover new ways to optimize workflows by accessing on-demand, interactive learning modules specifically focused on interpreting fleet data. When teams have the flexibility to access resources, they, in turn, become a more agile team that is armed to overcome any operational hurdles. 

Create a Winning Automation Team for Fast-Tracked Success

Seegrid understands the success that comes from building a confident workforce. This is why we invested in creating a full-service educational experience called Seegrid Learning. Dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals, Seegrid provides a team of highly knowledgeable professionals to assist every step of the way, offering on-site training, classroom-style education courses, live virtual training sessions, and continued support. 

Additionally, Seegrid Learning offers an extensive selection of courses and materials that provide customers with critical knowledge about the use, performance, and maintenance of Seegrid Palion AMRs to streamline adoption and ensure ongoing optimal fleet management. Seegrid customers have 24x7 access to our robust online training portal—a user-friendly centralized library that contains Seegrid Learning courses, materials, and resources to help you and your company benefit quickly from the use of your Seegrid mobile automation solutions.

Power your facility with a confident, knowledgeable workforce by partnering with an AMR provider that offers the right resources and tools. Educational support can facilitate employee adoption of the technology, create a skilled workforce of automation experts to drive continuous improvement, and help you create operational agility to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Ensure that your workforce is confident in using and maintaining the automation technology to maximize your investment and streamline for even stronger performance in the future. 


Mapping the Route to Automation Success

Download this infographic to learn how you can drive efficiency with AMRs and data analytics to achieve day-to-day goals as well as long-term initiatives.

Download the Infographic

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