Ramp Up for a Holiday Shutdown

Traditionally, manufacturing plants have halted operations and utilized the slow week between Christmas and New Year’s to perform much-needed maintenance and repairs on facility equipment. Any amount of downtime can be extremely costly for an operation – especially when it isn’t planned – which is why the idea of a holiday shutdown isn’t anything new. However, with more companies advancing towards an Industry 4.0 model with integrated automation, holiday shutdowns are taking on an entirely different meaning.

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Adapting to Automation: Lessons for Long-Term Success

This article was originally published in SupplyChainBrain.

What’s the top next-gen technology that’s on strategic agendas across executive war rooms? The answer is automation and robotics, according to a recent survey of more than 800 financial executives from companies worth over $1bn.

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How Employers and Employees Can Adapt to an Automated Workforce

This article was originally published in InformationWeek.

Despite the fact that suppliers who are adopting automation technologies have the potential to reap substantial cost savings and increase profitability, some fear that the proliferation of robots in the workforce may cause a decline in the value of human workers, ultimately reducing the number of available logistics jobs.

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4 Benefits Robots Bring to the Workforce

This article was originally published in Business 2 Community.

Last month, an annual gathering of top manufacturing experts took place at MODEX, one of the world’s largest conferences for manufacturing and supply chain solutions. This year’s theme was “future-proofing your business,” and suppliers presented the next-generation of equipment and technology that will propel companies into the future of manufacturing.

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Why Whirlpool Sees Seegrid as the Evolution in AGVs

Manufacturers across the U.S. are experiencing a damaging shortage of skilled labor — negatively impacting their ability to produce goods and their bottom lines. As companies search for automated solutions, Seegrid’s vision-powered AGVs are leading the market by solving the biggest challenges in manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, and fulfillment. 

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18 Questions to Ask Your AGV Vendor: Part 2

Check out Part 1.

With so many AGV solutions on the market, it can be difficult to tell which AGV is right for your application and facility. Before investing in automation, ask your AGV vendor these important questions about install times, safety standards and the team you’ll be working with.

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18 Questions to Ask Your AGV Vendor: Part 1

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to automation to solve their materials handling challenges. But as many are realizing, not all AGV companies are alike. The various AGV solutions on the market have vastly different degrees of flexibility, scalability, and infrastructure requirements. Before investing in automation, be sure to ask your AGV/AGC vendor these important questions.

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Aerospace Manufacturing: A Need to Innovate, But No One to Do the Work

Like many industries, the aerospace and defense (A&D) sector is facing increased pressure to continuously innovate and increase productivity, while also reducing labor and operating costs. Achieving all these targets requires a large, specialized workforce. A&D executives are feeling the pressure to simultaneously produce innovative products, control costs, and plan for future growth to stay ahead of this increasingly competitive market.

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